Your produtivity layer for Chrome

We’ve spent another year working on what we felt was missing from the Chrome experience. Tabbs 2.0 is now a true productivity tool that brings new ways to search, organize and take control of dozens of tabs - all without leaving your keyboard.

Find anything with our upgraded search

To help you find the right webpage fast, Tabbs looks for matches within titles, urls, body content of open webpages, and now even multiple windows, history and bookmarks.

Keep your tab bar tidy with no effort

Organize your tabs by interest or projects using Chrome’s native groups without leaving your keyboard. Create, edit, manage groups, or clean up the tab bar using Focus mode.

Save groups for later with Group Stash

Put projects aside by using Group Stash, which removes the group entirely from the tab bar, but keeps it one click away within Tabbs, so you can get back to it whenever ready.

Save memory with Tab Nap, now with more control

In Tabbs 2.0, you can not only schedule Nap time, but manually toggle Tab Nap on individual pages or even whole groups through the Actions menu.

Bulk Actions with keyboard-first design

Designed for efficiency, Tabbs 2.0 brings even more shortcuts and offers more control. Toggle between search modes, perform individual or bulk actions - all without leaving your keyboard.